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  • Chico Spa Repair

    Chico Spa Repair

    Warren has been repairing spas for over 35 years, and has a reputation in Chico as fair and professional….

  • Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Footprint Calculator is a simple tool to help web designers determine the environmental impact of their websites….

  • Personal Health Reflections

    Personal Health Reflections

    The company was started by nurses who realized that the secret to optimal health and wellness is in an...

  • Catnip Wine

    Catnip Wine

    Information on how to make your own catnip wine (alcohol free), so you can finally drink wine at home…

  • Hair by Michel

    Hair by Michel

    Michel is a professional stylist with 13 year experience. She works at the Love Skin Spa in Orland California,…

  • Chico DJ

    Chico DJ

    On this site you can hire local DJs and get information on renting sound and stage equipment for events....

  • Dutch Farms Organics

    Dutch Farms Organics

    A WordPress business website with product information, testimonials, distributor locations, contact form, and more. Visit the website

  • Website-design.io


    Tools and information about building and optimizing websites. It has ratings from the community on the various items listed…

  • JAM General Construction

    JAM General Construction

    Jim, from JAM General Construction, is one of the nicest guys you are likely to meet. He has been...

  • MCE Racing

    MCE Racing

    MCE offers dyno testing and tuning at racetracks, car shows, and other events using their mobile dyno equipment. They...

  • Cute Cats in Hats

    Cute Cats in Hats

    The internet is obsessed with cats, and cat photos. There are many famous cats like Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, and...

  • Vitamin Fox

    Vitamin Fox

    Vitamin Fox is a natural herb and supplement company offering acupuncture and classes on subjects like Chi Gong and...

  • California Blacksmith

    California Blacksmith

    Utilizing old world blacksmithing techniques for modern solutions. Blacksmith services range from building structural supports, to welding repair, art...

  • All Star Gutter Guys

    All Star Gutter Guys

    A small local business that has been installing gutters in Chico and surrounding areas for over 15 years. They...

  • Chico Auto Metrics

    Chico Auto Metrics

    We built Auto Metrics a custom website with a homepage slideshow, testimonials, Google map, services page, contact form, and...

  • Moon Maroon

    Moon Maroon

    Custom e-commerce shop we designed for a local artist to sell stickers, t-shirts, posters, postcards, and more. The e-commerce...



    An eCommerce site we setup for a client to sell natural deodorant to customers all over the world. The...

  • Chico Computer Repair

    Chico Computer Repair

    A WordPress one-page responsive website with contact form and CAPTCHA. The site uses Revolution Slider on the top, has a parallax...

  • Glenn Medical Center

    Glenn Medical Center

    Redesigned hospital website with an administrator area, automatic backups to Dropbox, Google analytics tracking, and much more. Visit the website

  • Ornithology.com


    A fully responsive WordPress 4.0 site using EdgeSlider on the homepage. We converted an old site built using Dreamweaver to...

  • Smart Start Preschool

    Smart Start Preschool

    This website was built with WordPress and includes a custom designed template. The site has Google Maps integration, a Facebook...

  • New Lines Mini Storage

    New Lines Mini Storage

    Offering mini storage and moving truck rentals. The site is built using WordPress, and has integrated Google maps, a...

  • MSP Alliance

    MSP Alliance

    Global cloud and managed service provider organization with over 25,000 members and growing.

  • Heroes Corner Games

    Heroes Corner Games

    Gaming store for people who enjoy video games, card games, board games, and role playing games. Visit the website

  • Corona’s Hauling

    Corona’s Hauling

    Offering residential and commercial cleanup services in the Bay Area.

  • FreeWhirled


    Social community about art, festivals, and music. There are many active members from Chico Ca.

  • Butte Creek Realty

    Butte Creek Realty

    Local realtor serving the Northern California area. Website is integrated with dsIDXpress CRM software.

  • Vista Del Mar

    Vista Del Mar

    Website with photography and poetry about Vista Del Mar in San Francisco. Visit the website

  • Wholesale Headshop

    Wholesale Headshop

    E-commerce site selling glass products and smoking accessories online. Visit the website

  • That Jack TV Show

    That Jack TV Show

    Website for the That Jack TV talk show staring Jack Stockton. It airs on the CW Sunday mornings. Visit...

  • Left Progress

    Left Progress

    WordPress blog with political information and articles.

  • Purses for Primates

    Purses for Primates

    Non-profit company that donates 100% income to help orangutans. The website was built using a responsive WordPress design. The site has...

  • Push-Pull Cables

    Push-Pull Cables

    We transformed their old website into a new modern style. We converted their product catalog into a PDF and made it available to...

  • My Critter Store

    My Critter Store

    An E-commerce shop we setup for a company in Paradise, California selling pet supplies. They chose to use Volusion...

  • Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Official UC Davis Cooperative Extension website. Information about Butte County nutrition programs, master gardener workshops, agricultural research, and...

  • SafePath Products

    SafePath Products

    Full business websites featuring a front-page slideshow, products section, video gallery, photo gallery, download section, distributors map, and much...

  • G16 Coalition

    G16 Coalition

    Coalition website for Carmel County. Has articles, videos, events, online membership form, and can accept credit card donations. g16coalition.com.

  • Art Blog

    Art Blog

    A Tumblr blog with a customized commercial theme similar in style to Pinterest and custom domain name. The site automatically loads...

  • Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Made using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The site uses Joomla and features a moving background image, social media...

  • Talkaville


    A Joomla social community site with user profiles, forums, groups, events, videos, photos, blogs, and a donation section. talkaville.com.

  • Chico Goddess Temple

    Chico Goddess Temple

    A website for the Chico Godess Temple. The site contains an image gallery, online reservation booking, directions, guestbook, contact...

  • Fightey-Town


    An E-commerce book website with a shopping cart, videos, and sample chapters from the FighteyTown book.  Visit the website

  • Chico Guitar

    Chico Guitar

    A Joomla site with forums, videos, photos, contact forms, events, user profiles, and more. chicoguitar.com.

  • Golden Gate Kindred

    Golden Gate Kindred

    An online community website for people who practice pagan traditions in the San Francisco area. The site has videos,...

  • Jessica Fuller Shop

    Jessica Fuller Shop

    Art gallery website we setup for a San Francisco artist. There are sections for jewelry, stained glass, and different...

  • Too Hot Glass

    Too Hot Glass

    Glass product website created using Pinnacle Cart as the E-commerce software. The website was sold and closed 🙁

  • Morris Cycle Supply

    Morris Cycle Supply

    E-commerce Motorcycle supply shop located in Marysville, Ca. The site was built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Joomla, and Virtuemart...

  • Sky Hawk Flight School

    Sky Hawk Flight School

    A Joomla flight school website for a business in Paradise Ca. The site has contact forms, and an image gallery...

  • A to Z City Guide

    A to Z City Guide

    City Guide for Chico Ca with ability to create profiles and make posts. Built with HTML, CSS, Joomla, and...

  • California Upholstery

    California Upholstery

    Full service upholstery shop located in Chico Ca.The site was made with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Joomla, and Joomgallery...

  • Chico Social

    Chico Social

    Free community site for Chico Ca. The site allows people to share photos, videos, files, and audio. It offers...

  • DJ Dance Club

    DJ Dance Club

    Social network which included video conference chat, video sharing, photo sharing, music sharing, file sharing, forums, polls, profiles, walls,...

  • rBods


    Exercise social network with video sharing, photo sharing, profiles, walls, classified ads, twitter integration, polls, and more! Uses HTML,...

  • Free Data Recovery Help

    Free Data Recovery Help

    Site where people submit articles and then others thumb them up or down. Users can browse the most popular...

  • US Parliament Organization

    US Parliament Organization

    Political website about representational voting system. I completely redesigned the layout and the graphics for them. The website uses...