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  • Chico Spa Repair

    Chico Spa Repair

    Warren has been repairing spas for over 35 years, and has a reputation in Chico as fair and professional….

  • Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Footprint Calculator is a simple tool to help web designers determine the environmental impact of their websites….

  • Personal Health Reflections

    Personal Health Reflections

    The company was started by nurses who realized that the secret to optimal health and wellness is in an...

  • Catnip Wine

    Catnip Wine

    Information on how to make your own catnip wine (alcohol free), so you can finally drink wine at home…

  • Hair by Michel

    Hair by Michel

    Michel is a professional stylist with 13 year experience. She works at the Love Skin Spa in Orland California,…

  • Chico DJ

    Chico DJ

    On this site you can hire local DJs and get information on renting sound and stage equipment for events....

  • Dutch Farms Organics

    Dutch Farms Organics

    A WordPress business website with product information, testimonials, distributor locations, contact form, and more. Visit the website


    Tools and information about building and optimizing websites. It has ratings from the community on the various items listed…

  • JAM General Construction

    JAM General Construction

    Jim, from JAM General Construction, is one of the nicest guys you are likely to meet. He has been...

  • MCE Racing

    MCE Racing

    MCE offers dyno testing and tuning at racetracks, car shows, and other events using their mobile dyno equipment. They...

  • Cute Cats in Hats

    Cute Cats in Hats

    The internet is obsessed with cats, and cat photos. There are many famous cats like Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, and...

  • Vitamin Fox

    Vitamin Fox

    Vitamin Fox is a natural herb and supplement company offering acupuncture and classes on subjects like Chi Gong and...

  • California Blacksmith

    California Blacksmith

    Utilizing old world blacksmithing techniques for modern solutions. Blacksmith services range from building structural supports, to welding repair, art...

  • All Star Gutter Guys

    All Star Gutter Guys

    A small local business that has been installing gutters in Chico and surrounding areas for over 15 years. They...

  • Chico Auto Metrics

    Chico Auto Metrics

    We built Auto Metrics a custom website with a homepage slideshow, testimonials, Google map, services page, contact form, and...

  • Moon Maroon

    Moon Maroon

    Custom e-commerce shop we designed for a local artist to sell stickers, t-shirts, posters, postcards, and more. The e-commerce...



    An eCommerce site we setup for a client to sell natural deodorant to customers all over the world. The...

  • Chico Computer Repair

    Chico Computer Repair

    A WordPress one-page responsive website with contact form and CAPTCHA. The site uses Revolution Slider on the top, has a parallax...

  • Glenn Medical Center

    Glenn Medical Center

    Redesigned hospital website with an administrator area, automatic backups to Dropbox, Google analytics tracking, and much more. Visit the website


    A fully responsive WordPress 4.0 site using EdgeSlider on the homepage. We converted an old site built using Dreamweaver to...

  • Smart Start Preschool

    Smart Start Preschool

    This website was built with WordPress and includes a custom designed template. The site has Google Maps integration, a Facebook...

  • New Lines Mini Storage

    New Lines Mini Storage

    Offering mini storage and moving truck rentals. The site is built using WordPress, and has integrated Google maps, a...

  • MSP Alliance

    MSP Alliance

    Global cloud and managed service provider organization with over 25,000 members and growing.

  • Heroes Corner Games

    Heroes Corner Games

    Gaming store for people who enjoy video games, card games, board games, and role playing games. Visit the website

  • Corona’s Hauling

    Corona’s Hauling

    Offering residential and commercial cleanup services in the Bay Area.

  • FreeWhirled


    Social community about art, festivals, and music. There are many active members from Chico Ca.

  • Butte Creek Realty

    Butte Creek Realty

    Local realtor serving the Northern California area. Website is integrated with dsIDXpress CRM software.

  • Vista Del Mar

    Vista Del Mar

    Website with photography and poetry about Vista Del Mar in San Francisco. Visit the website

  • Wholesale Headshop

    Wholesale Headshop

    E-commerce site selling glass products and smoking accessories online. Visit the website

  • That Jack TV Show

    That Jack TV Show

    Website for the That Jack TV talk show staring Jack Stockton. It airs on the CW Sunday mornings. Visit...

  • Left Progress

    Left Progress

    WordPress blog with political information and articles.

  • Purses for Primates

    Purses for Primates

    Non-profit company that donates 100% income to help orangutans. The website was built using a responsive WordPress design. The site has...

  • Push-Pull Cables

    Push-Pull Cables

    We transformed their old website into a new modern style. We converted their product catalog into a PDF and made it available to...

  • My Critter Store

    My Critter Store

    An E-commerce shop we setup for a company in Paradise, California selling pet supplies. They chose to use Volusion...

  • Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Official UC Davis Cooperative Extension website. Information about Butte County nutrition programs, master gardener workshops, agricultural research, and...

  • SafePath Products

    SafePath Products

    Full business websites featuring a front-page slideshow, products section, video gallery, photo gallery, download section, distributors map, and much...

  • G16 Coalition

    G16 Coalition

    Coalition website for Carmel County. Has articles, videos, events, online membership form, and can accept credit card donations.

  • Art Blog

    Art Blog

    A Tumblr blog with a customized commercial theme similar in style to Pinterest and custom domain name. The site automatically loads...

  • Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Made using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The site uses Joomla and features a moving background image, social media...

  • Talkaville


    A Joomla social community site with user profiles, forums, groups, events, videos, photos, blogs, and a donation section.

  • Chico Goddess Temple

    Chico Goddess Temple

    A website for the Chico Godess Temple. The site contains an image gallery, online reservation booking, directions, guestbook, contact...

  • Fightey-Town


    An E-commerce book website with a shopping cart, videos, and sample chapters from the FighteyTown book.  Visit the website

  • Chico Guitar

    Chico Guitar

    A Joomla site with forums, videos, photos, contact forms, events, user profiles, and more.

  • Golden Gate Kindred

    Golden Gate Kindred

    An online community website for people who practice pagan traditions in the San Francisco area. The site has videos,...

  • Jessica Fuller Shop

    Jessica Fuller Shop

    Art gallery website we setup for a San Francisco artist. There are sections for jewelry, stained glass, and different...

  • Too Hot Glass

    Too Hot Glass

    Glass product website created using Pinnacle Cart as the E-commerce software. The website was sold and closed 🙁

  • Morris Cycle Supply

    Morris Cycle Supply

    E-commerce Motorcycle supply shop located in Marysville, Ca. The site was built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Joomla, and Virtuemart...

  • Sky Hawk Flight School

    Sky Hawk Flight School

    A Joomla flight school website for a business in Paradise Ca. The site has contact forms, and an image gallery...

  • A to Z City Guide

    A to Z City Guide

    City Guide for Chico Ca with ability to create profiles and make posts. Built with HTML, CSS, Joomla, and...

  • California Upholstery

    California Upholstery

    Full service upholstery shop located in Chico Ca.The site was made with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Joomla, and Joomgallery...

  • Chico Social

    Chico Social

    Free community site for Chico Ca. The site allows people to share photos, videos, files, and audio. It offers...

  • DJ Dance Club

    DJ Dance Club

    Social network which included video conference chat, video sharing, photo sharing, music sharing, file sharing, forums, polls, profiles, walls,...

  • rBods


    Exercise social network with video sharing, photo sharing, profiles, walls, classified ads, twitter integration, polls, and more! Uses HTML,...

  • Free Data Recovery Help

    Free Data Recovery Help

    Site where people submit articles and then others thumb them up or down. Users can browse the most popular...

  • US Parliament Organization

    US Parliament Organization

    Political website about representational voting system. I completely redesigned the layout and the graphics for them. The website uses...