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  • Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Calculator

    Website Carbon Footprint Calculator is a simple tool to help web designers determine the environmental impact of their websites….

  • Purses for Primates

    Purses for Primates

    Non-profit company that donates 100% income to help orangutans. The website was built using a responsive WordPress design. The site has...

  • Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Cooperative Extension Site

    Butte County Official UC Davis Cooperative Extension website. Information about Butte County nutrition programs, master gardener workshops, agricultural research, and...

  • Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Vegetarian Calculator (Old Version)

    Made using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The site uses Joomla and features a moving background image, social media...

  • Free Data Recovery Help

    Free Data Recovery Help

    Site where people submit articles and then others thumb them up or down. Users can browse the most popular...