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Graphic Design

  • Colorful Peacock T-shirt Design

    Colorful Peacock T-shirt Design

    Peacock t-shirt design inspired by the brilliant colors of the Mexican Peacock Flower. The shirt is available for purchase at Moon...

  • Painted VW Van

    Painted VW Van

    Painted VW van sticker designed to be printed as a 4″ x 6″ sticker.

  • Lady of the Lake Brewing Company Logo

    Lady of the Lake Brewing Company Logo

    Native American girl and lake logo design for New York based brewing company.

  • Aly kat’s Curiosities

    Aly kat’s Curiosities

    Logo design for Aly kat’s Curiosities Etsy shop. Features a blue and yellow cat with a wide grin.

  • Evergreen Logo

    Evergreen Logo

    A logo created from scratch to be similar to the Steely Dan logo.

  • Fire Tiger Design

    Fire Tiger Design

    Tiger design created to be printed on shirts, stickers, or other products.

  • Moon Shine Organics

    Moon Shine Organics

    Logo design for Moon Shine Organics food company showing fruit, the sun at sunset, a pine tree, mountains and...

  • Wolf Design

    Wolf Design

    Wolf and dream catcher design made to be printed on t-shirts.

  • Redbeard’s Amusements

    Redbeard’s Amusements

    A professional logo created for a local party supply company.

  • Foxy Funk Clothing

    Foxy Funk Clothing

    Simple and smooth logo designed for a clothing company.

  • Opican’s Rocket

    Opican’s Rocket

    Logo design for Opican’s Rocket.

  • Pure Alkaline Water

    Pure Alkaline Water

    Logo for an alkaline water store. The logo was used on the building, signs, banners, business cards, and more.

  • Corona’s Hauling Logo

    Corona’s Hauling Logo

    Logo design for their hauling business located in the Bay Area.


    The font was chosen to match the theme of this book, which is fighting. It’s a scratchy looking white...


    Logo design for a vegetarian calculator that shows the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

  • Web Design Logo

    Web Design Logo

    Graphic design logo of a screwdriver and wrench in front of planet Earth.

  • Save the Planet Logo

    Save the Planet Logo

    Badge to share on websites to help improve the planet.

  • Fractal Psychology Logo

    Fractal Psychology Logo

    Fractal psychology logo used for a psychology school information website. The image has a clean white font with drop...


    A logo design for an ebook about finding a good relationship.

  • Personal Health Reflections

    Personal Health Reflections

    Logo design for a personal health and wellness organization.

  • Comstock Capital Management

    Comstock Capital Management

    Logo for Comstock Capital Management. It’s designed to be simple and professional, in the colors of gold and silver.