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I know that you typically use WordPress to build sites, how does it compare to Wix and Weebly?

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How does WordPress compare to Wix and Weebly for an online store?

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WordPress is free and open source, while Wix and Weebly cost money each month, are closed source, and their advanced features cost extra. Since Wix and Weebly are not open source they are potentially not as secure as WordPress. WordPress has 55,641 plugins available to add various functions mostly made by 3rd parties. These plugins or coding errors in the themes are the main security risks for WordPress sites.

WordPress is used by over 25% of websites, so is extremely popular, while Wix powers less than 2% of sites, Weebly powers less than 1% of websites.  We usually explain all the benefits of using WordPress to clients, and rarely work with the other platforms unless the client already has a site build using Wix or Weebly.

Wix and Weebly both have an easy to use frontend designer, which makes it pretty easy for amateurs to design their own site. The default WordPress editor is not as easy to use as the other platforms, but there are editors available that make WordPress function very similarly to the other platforms.

WordPress doesn't have eCommerce functionality built in, but there are dozens of plugins available to add the functions, most are completely free. Building a WordPress site without any monthly fees typically pays for itself within a couple years compared to using Wix or Weebly.

We offer hosting packages with Weebly, if you want to create the design yourself,  or WordPress, where we create a professional site for you.


You can add Weebly on to any of our hosting packages here: Weebly costs $7.50 per month paid yearly, or $8.99 when paid monthly.