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Welcome to our web design blog! You will find web design hints, web design news, and general info related to designing modern, responsive websites.


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Blog Articles

  • Why Use WordPress? – Is it really that much better than the alternatives?

    WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is in charge of over 60% of the sites that use CMS on the Internet. It powers one in every five websites on the Internet and helps 100,000 new websites come online every day. However, many beginners to web management often ask: Why use WordPress? Is WordPress

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  • Visual Principles of Effective Web Design

    Usability and utility and not just finesse are the major determinants of the success or failure of a website. The ultimate judge of the effectiveness of a website is the user, and not the designer, so user-focused designs have become the gold standard for successful and profit-oriented web design. This article outlines web design principles needed to create a technically

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